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Natural Laws of Dating – The Guide To Online Dating for Men

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Product Description

The Guide to Online Dating for Men ends the frustration most men experience with online dating. You’ll learn the 8 Natural Laws of Dating, which show you what hasn’t been working and helps you to start doing what does work to attract and date women who are your perfect match.

We’ll show you step-by-step how to:

  • Write a great profile
  • Select the best profile pictures
  • Craft response-getting emails
  • and most importantly

Why does online dating suck so much?

Online dating sucks because you’re not getting the results you want. About 10 percent of all first time online daters give up within the first month because they’re doing it wrong. The Guide teaches you how to date with efficiency and precision so that you quickly and easily find, attract, and date the perfect women for you. You may sign up for online dating, but no one ever tells you HOW to find someone worth dating. The Natural Laws gives you all of the proven search and communication skills you need to find and date a woman you actually click with.

Why don’t I hear back from women I email?

Your profile determines 90 percent of your success in online dating – women don’t respond because your profile doesn’t perfectly and unapologetically reflect who you are. After using The Guide, you will create an irresistible profile that women love reading and want to respond to.

Forget emails…I want to date!

The Guide reveals the secrets of The 8 Natural Laws so that the perfect women say yes to you. You’ll know what to do and say to a woman every time so that you easily move from emails to first date.

The Natural Laws Series gives men everything they need to know to have extraordinary relationships with women, from dating to marriage. The series shows men that being unapologetically masculine in your interactions with women produces fun, fulfilling, and amazing lives and relationships. The Guide to Online Dating for Men takes men from profile to first date. Men learn everything they need to know to find, attract, and date women who are perfect for them using any online dating website. Book Two: The Natural Laws of Relationship covers mastering dating relationships. This book guides men to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to disastrous relationships. The third book in the series, The Natural Laws of Marriage, is about identifying what to keep doing and what to stop doing to build, have, and stay in an extraordinary marriage. Men also learn to know when they are ready to make this truly life-altering commitment and how to choose a woman they are excited to build a future with.


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